Travel Hack & Rules!

Clock on Desk

Rule Number One - The Unzip-erable Truth: This rule is non-negotiable, folks! Zip and seal your bags with the tenacity of a squirrel guarding its acorns. Because let's face it, there's nothing more embarrassing than your unmentionables making a grand escape from your carry-on or losing your stuff.

Rule Number Two - The High-Flyin' Hilarity Hack: Now, here's my absolute favorite in-flight life hack, and it's more refreshing than a polar bear's plunge. Ask for a complimentary JOKE. And you might be thinking, "What on Earth is a JOKE?" Well, let me spill the beans—it's a Jack Daniel and Coke.

Here's the deal: It works 50% of the time, every time (that's just science, right?). The flight attendants swoop in like beverage-bearing superheroes, offering you a drink. In the U.S., sodas are on the house, but anything stronger comes with a price tag.

So, you go all Indiana Jones and request a "complimentary Jack and Coke" (you can get creative with your choices). The reactions are like a box of chocolates - you either score a free drink or not. The best part? It's hilarious! You'll have your seatmates in stitches as they watch this in-flight magic show. It's like winning the airplane lottery, but with a twist of humor and a dash of "what just happened?"

Most flight attendants frind this funny too. Remember, folks, travel should always come with a side of laughter and a touch of mischief!