Fine Dining at Indian Restaurant with Jared and Blake

In this episode, we finally make good on our promise to take Blake and Jared to an Indian restaurant at a gas station. Join us as we delve into discussions about food, exotic dining experiences, tips on getting engaged, and debunking food stereotypes. It's bound to be a fun and entertaining discussion that you won't want to miss!


Quiet Quitting?

office cubical

In the realm of corporate jargon, a new term has surfaced: "quiet quitting." It's one of those clich├ęs that seem to proliferate within the corporate world, akin to a persistent rash in a bohemian community.

But what exactly is "quiet quitting"? Simply put, it's the act of doing the bare minimum at work, expending no more time, effort, or enthusiasm than absolutely necessary.

Conversely, the opposite of "quiet quitting" could be seen as overexerting oneself throughout the day and putting in extra hours at the office to get ahead.

We advocate for a healthy, stress-free work-life balance. Experience shows that individuals who achieve this balance tend to be healthier, more productive, and more pleasant to be around.

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WATCHES: Seiko SKX009J1 Divers Watch


The Seiko SKX009J1 Divers Watch is truly a gem in the world of timepieces. We appreciate timeless classics that not only hold sentimental value but also appreciate in monetary worth over time.

Purchased at $280.43, this watch has seen a remarkable increase in retail value, now priced at $769.99. The SKX009 series offers two captivating versions, both boasting exceptional features. The SKX009 Divers Watch features a classic blue and red on a black dial, affectionately referred to as the 'Pepsi watch,' while the SKX007 Divers Watch presents an all-black face. Interestingly, the latter version commands a slightly higher price, emphasizing its unique coloring.

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